Apple's New Ipad Pro Launched, magic backlit keyboard with trackpad: Specs, Price and everything

The new Ipad Pro has silently been updated. Not a lot has really changed especially when comes about design and styling. The sizes of the new Ipad Pro remains same as the previous Versions i.e. the 11'' and the 12.9'' with somewhat refreshed rates and with Apple's true hallmark. Without any doubt, the new Ipad Pro has a faster hardware and dual camera including the LiDAR sensor, as Apple also climbs up the ladder of Augmented Reality(AR). But since it is an Ipad Pro therefore like the previous versions of the Ipad, Apple has managed to rank it higher than 'most windows PC laptops'. And if history is anything to be followed, the new Ipad Pro should serve the same functions as provided by its ancestors.

Apple's new Pro tablet is generated with an 8 core A12Z Bionic processor with seemingly improved thernals. Coming onto its rear part it holds a 12MP main camera, a 12MP ultra wide-angle camera along with a LiDAR sensor that would come useful while dealing with AR apps.

Intrestingly, this information is not the thing which makes it special. Believe me it is something else. Apple is finally enabling a mouse support in the latest Ipad Pro and in order to make it sound more relatable, it is also launching a new ‘Magic’ keyboard for iPad Pro with an in-built trackpad. An official keyboard accessory with a built-in trackpad for the iPad Pro indicates Apple is finally prepared to bring mouse support (for iPad) out of beta. And that’s accurately what is happening.

The release date for the AppleOS 13.4 will be 24 March 2020, with the in-built trackpad support. The new Ipad Pro keyboard resembles to the Keyboard of the older Ipad Pro but in addition to it, an additional trackpad, supporting gestures and most importantly backlit keys have been provided. The new Ipad Pro accesory will allow the users to beam it to an angle of 130 degrees for more ease and is termed by Apple as a 'floating' design. As in the previous Ipad, the keyboard will attach magnetically to the iPad Pro and charge via USB Type-C port.

Apple has launched the 11'' Ipad Pro in India at a starting price of Rs 71,900. The 12.9'' model starts at Rs 89,900. These prices accompany the Wi-Fi only version. The 11'' and 12.9'' iPad Pro will also be handy with cellular (LTE) for Rs 85,900 and Rs 1,03,900 respectively. The prices quoted above are for 128GB storage models. The iPad Pro will also come with 256GB, 512GB and 1TB storage. The company says the new iPad Pro will be available ‘soon’.

The 'Magic' keyboard for iPad Pro will be available for Rs 27,900 for the 11'' iPad Pro and Rs 31,900 for the 12.9'' iPad Pro and will go on sale in May 2020.

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